2 Rules in Playing Real Claw Machine App UK

We all know that Japan is home to so many awesome characters. Pokémon, One Piece, Demon Slayer, and many more great and cool anime and manga came from Japan. Not only the TV series and movies, Japan also provides awesome figurines and toys you can get by playing real claw machine app UK.

Though you live far away from Japan, you still can get the amazing exclusive toys and figurines from Japan. You don’t have to stand up and leave the house to play your favorite claw machine game and win the Demon Slayer toys and figurines to complete your collection now.


Online Crane Games from Japan for Everyone

Japan released so many claw machine apps you can download on your smartphone, through Google Play Store or App Store. The app allows you to play the claw machine in real life via your smartphone. The claw machine is located in Japan but you can play it in whatever country you are.

When you’re done playing and you can complete the mission successfully, they will ship the prize you want to your front door. The prizes can include pillows, plush toys, anime based collectables, towels, and many more stuff.

The Valuable Prizes to Win By Playing Real Claw Machine App UK

The prizes offered by online claw machines from Japan are not random prizes. You have the chance to choose what prize you want to win. They are the exclusive prizes that can only be found in Japan. If you can find them in the other countries, the price usually is way too expensive.


What about the prizes you get from the claw machine app? Can you get them for free? Each claw machine app offers different requirements to win the game. But here are some common rules you’ll find in many online claw machine games from Japan.

  • The free tickets

Some Japan claw machine games offer free tickets, usually for the new players. Each person can only create one account and are not allowed to make multiple accounts to get the free tickets. You can leverage the free tickets to practice and train your skills so you’ll be ready to win the prizes.

  • Low cost games to play

If you are out of the free tickets, you sure must pay to play the game and to win the prize. Most claw crane games from Japan require their players to pay a dollar for each play. A dollar can give you a jumbo cushion, big sized plush toy, figurine, mat, snack, whatever you want, if you win the game.

Those prizes have various original prices. Some of them are 20 dollars, 50 dollars, 80 dollars, and even 150 dollars. But if you have the skills necessary and can win the game in every play, each prize will cost only one dollar. Don’t you want to try winning the entire prizes of real claw machine app UK?

The game developers will ship the prizes you win to your front door. However, you need to make sure that you live in an area they can reach.




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