What You Must Know about Market Expansion Strategy

It is common for companies to try increasing their market shares by entering new markets. In order to gain success in reaching this goal, they need to adopt a market expansion strategy. Developing this strategy may not be easy, but companies may get assistance from a marketing consultant.

Market Expansion Strategy: What is it?

The market expansion strategy is one of the four growth strategies. Companies adopt this strategy by selling their current products or services in a new market when their growth peaks in the existing sales channel.

Expanding the business into a new market requires the companies to evaluate their assets and capabilities, have enough funds, and identify the new customers. There is no guarantee that the expansion strategy they adopt will give them success so that they must be prepared with the risks.

Its Aspects

This growth strategy have several aspects, they are:

  • New Products or Services

The companies’ current products or services may not have an appeal in the new market due to various factors, such as customers’ habits and culture. Therefore, they need to create a new line of products or services that have different appeal.

Before launching these products or services, companies need to conduct market research and analysis. Therefore, they know what to do to make their products or services more appealing and more competitive in the new market.

  • New Marketing Channels

Business expansion needs new marketing channels when the existing channels are not effective in the new markets. These channels are complementary and supportive to the existing ones.

  • Technology Development

Companies need to gain customers’ trust in order to be successful in expanding their business. Creating innovation in technology is one of the effective ways to gain this trust.

  • New Opportunities

New opportunities may appear when companies expand their business. Therefore, they need to identify new opportunities that may appear and seize them to increase their sales.

  • Customer Support

Companies may need to provide different customer support from those of the existing markets due to the new products or services they launch into the new market.

  • New Distribution Channels

Adding new distributors in the new channels is an essential aspect. Companies need to highlight the distributors’ added value and adopt a new technology to manage the distribution of products.

  • Defining Target Market

When companies are expanding their business, they start targeting new demographical areas and demographic segments. It often leads to new products or services. However, this strategy can be risky.

Getting Assistance in Expanding Business

Market Expansion Strategy

Some companies may need assistance in planning market expansion because the new market has different characteristics to the existing market. 

If they want to expand their business to Saudi, for example, they need the assistance from a marketing consultant agency that is expert in Saudi market, such as Saudi Market Strategy. This particular agency will assist the companies in every aspect of the growth strategy.

Business expansion allows companies to increase their sales and gain more profit, but it is also risky. Therefore, it is essential for them to hire a consultant in order to minimize risk, open an untapped opportunity, and win the market competition.



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