Catch Your Favorite Pokemon Figures in Pokemon Claw Machine

As people these days spend much time at home due to pandemics, games become one of the choices to kill the time. The Pokemon claw machine gains so much attention from game maniacs since people now make it into their favorites. As everything goes online, this game recently becomes more and more interesting. 

Many online games are great choices to help you enjoy your time when you are not allowed to go around. Claw machines belong to one of the types which can be everyone no matter the ages. Players can enjoy the excitement when they get the prizes they want and collect the items as much as possible.

It’s Time to Grasp Pokemon with Some New Features

This game gets some renewals which make it more interesting and easier to play including:

  • It is now available in the claw machine app that supports remote playing. 
  • It offers limited-edition prizes which players cannot find anywhere else. 
  • It can be downloaded easily from both App Store and Google Play. 
  • It comes with the best and brand new experiences which have some resurgence. 
  • Several anime characters dominate the game, like the popular Japanese cartoon franchise, Pokemon. 
  • Players can find a wide variety of Pokemon characters in the game. Grasping them allows players to train them and use them in battle with other characters. 
  • Special collections of figures in Pokemon are rarely found everywhere such as Pikachu, Axew, Squirtle, Kabigon, and many others. Not surprising if people also called this game the Pikachu claw machine.
  • Many unique pokemon merchandise is ready to win by players only by paying as little as $1 no matter where they are.
  • Simple playing that only requires clicking the ‘play’ button and moves the claw and grasps the prizes. 
  • It is available with a set of rules as a guideline especially for beginners so they also can play this game well. 

What Prizes Available in Pokemon Claw Machine?

This game provides collections of unique figures from the Pokemon franchise as the main prize. Players can obtain them at a very low price. This is the reason why this claw machine is getting more and more famous these days. Arcade lovers tend to collect those figures because some of them are pretty rare. 

Not just that, players have the chance to win various kinds of interesting merchandise related to the Pokemon franchise. It comes variedly such as storage boxes, cushions, towels, pouches, calendars, watches, slippers, and many others. These merchandises are also only available for $1. 

To increase players’ winning opportunities, they get premium tickets for every new download of this game. Each ticket allows them to play freely on each claw machine available. Once they win the game, the prizes will be sent directly from Japan using DHL or EMS to the player’s address as it covers international shipping. 

If you want to be one of the players who want to get those rare pokemon figures, it’s time to challenge your skill in a Pokemon claw machine. Get the prizes before other players and improve your skills in grasping the prizes by having the claw machine app now on your device to enable everywhere playing.




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